5 Benefits Of Using An Excel Stock Inventory

Managing stock inventory properly is a crucial part of business. It is essential to have proper software that can easily record your inventory and provide flexibility. Several tools can fulfil this store management (สต๊อกสินค้า; which is the term Thai)  purpose, but an Excel-based inventory system is best to control, record, and maintain all records of inventory and stock flow of business. Using this way of inventory management not only helps in maintaining the record properly but offers several other significant benefits. In this article, we will see some benefits of using an Excel-based inventory management system in detail.

Benefits Of Using An Excel Stock Inventory

Some benefits of using an Excel stock inventory system are as follows:

·       Automatic Calculation

Manually recording inventory includes various errors. When you use an Excel-based stock inventory system, the chances of error are reduced. It has an in-built formula that automatically calculates the given data. Hence, the efficiency and accuracy of records are maintained. Now, with its help, you can easily calculate your total stock, track quantity, and generate inventory reports.

·       Easy To Update Records

In the online shop website (เว็บขายของออนไลน์; which is the term in Thai) stock inflow and outflow in huge quantities. Hence, updating it regularly becomes a complicated process. But when you use an Excel-based stock inventory system, you can update it through simple clicks. By using data validation rules and a drop-down menu, you can make necessary changes easily and quickly.

·       Offer Flexibility

The most significant advantage of using Excel-based stock inventory is flexibility. You can change the format of your sheet according to your needs. You can delete or add columns and rows according to your needs. Presenting data in chart format helps visualise, analyse, and compare data easily.

·       Under The Budget Option

For startups or new businesses, this is a budget budget-friendly option. You don’t need to invest a heavy amount in inventory management software. In the Microsoft Office suite, you get this fantastic software. Even because of user-friendly software, you don’t need to hire additional workforce to maintain stock. With its simple spreadsheet layout, you can easily understand the way to record data and can do it yourself.

·       Easy Sharable

Sharing inventory reports through email or other online storage became easy when using an Excel-based stock inventory system if you can restrict who can open the data or change it.


Excel-based stock inventory systems provide a wide range of benefits. It’s better to use Excel for managing and recording data and save not only time but also money.

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