How To Correct A Car Slide In The Snow

Car Ride in the snow is a challenging and risky task. Because there is a high risk of Slide car Minburi (รถสไลด์มีนบุรี, which is the term in Thai) and crop fall in the ditch covered with snow. But, car riding is very common in the cold cities or hill stations where heavy snowfall occurs. So, this is important for a person or driver who is riding the car to navigate the icy roads properly. Also, they must know the way to get out of any scary situation when a car starts sliding. So, to know how to correct and control a car from sliding in the snow, go through the following to prevent and correct the car sliding,

  • Avoid Driving – The best way to correct car sliding in the snow is to avoid driving in the first place. Besides, go with a well-trained chauffeur who can handle the car in the snow too. Moreover, follow the safety tips to prevent the car from crop fall and exercise caution.
  • Go Slow – When you are driving the car in the snow, going slow is the next safety tip for preventing the car from sliding in the snow. Moreover, precaution is better than cure, though you need to go slow and depart from the place before time to reach a destination. Take your time to drive in the snow rather than just speeding the accelerator.
  • Maintain Visibility– The car driver needs to keep clear vision over the icy roads. Also, navigate and spot the area from a far distance properly to avoid hazards. Also, this navigation helps the driver to react and control the car before any damaging and hazardous situation. Make sure your windows and car doors remain cleared and deforested. Wipers must be on throughout your driving to make clear visibility to avoid Slide car Minburi.
  • Avoid Side Streets – When you are car in the snow, you should be careful of the street. Don’t ride the car on side streets, so that there is less chance of the car sliding in the snow or crop fall. Moreover, just a few inches from the street in the snow can make you fall into the Ditch.


Hence, to avoid and correct Slide car Minburi in the snow, you need to handle the car properly. Make sure you don’t lose control of your car even in the snow. To correct a car slide in the snow, go for panic free ride, and jerk-free actions through the car.


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