Network Switch And Its Purpose

A network switch is an electronic device used in networking, such as a switch made by ZYXEL GS1900 POE. It serves several purposes, the most fundamental being connecting multiple nodes, or computers, to each other over a local area network (LAN). It provides a reliable basis for machines to connect and transfer data to each other.

How Does A Network Switch Work?

The network switch operates at the second and third layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, the data link layer and network layer, respectively. The OSI model has the objective of helping computers communicate with each other through a system of protocols and does so with the aid of seven layers; however, we shall only discuss two layers to understand better how the network switch works.

The basis of the network switch operating at these layers is to facilitate data transfer and provide an address that serves as a connecting point between two or more machines. We need protocols for devices to communicate reliably, and a network switch like a ZYXEL GS1900 POE would be designed to operate on the following levels.

·      Layer 3, the network layer

It aims to transfer dynamic data from a source host to a destination. It does so by utilizing and coordinating with the fourth transport layer. Unlike the second layer, which only connects hosts on the same network, it can send and receive data to different networks. This layer manages the connectionless transfer of data, a packet at a time, from the end source system to the ingress router, which goes to the egress router and then to the end destination node.

·      Layer 2, the data link layer

It comprises two parts, the Media Address Control (MAC) sub-layer and the data link sub-layer, both of which work in tandem to consist of the computer’s physical address. The main job of layer 2 is to ensure hassle-free transfer of data packets in a small network of computers, then going through many protocols becomes useless and wastes time. Here, the data link layer can be expected to transfer data reliably and quickly.

Summary: Why Do You Need A Zyxel Gs1900 Poe? 

While being competitively priced, a ZYXEL GS1900 POE is loaded with features. Unlike others in the market, it features a smart managed switching class and has a switching capacity of 16 Gbps and a forwarding rate of 11.9 Mbps, making it ideal for even higher-end, faster PCs.

With a three-year warranty, the ZYXEL GS1900 POE is a great option for a network switch and would ensure fast networking speeds while providing 8 connection ports of 100/1000 Mbps each. It also has a total PoE budget of 70 Watts and is very lightweight at 700 grams or 1.57 lbs.

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